About us

More and more apps are published everyday. App developers use 3rd party SDKs inside their apps in order to improve or monetize them. But those SDKs might collect data from end users or their devices, sometimes infringing laws or AppStores' terms and conditions.

Small developers can't hire expensive lawyers to write their app's legal policies, but they should have access to free legal documents so they can add some terms and conditions into their apps in order to protect themselves, their apps and their end users.

MyAppTerms.com is born with the purpose of making it easy and free for small developers to write their own policies for their apps. We are a group of App developers that have made some research and collected some clauses that should protect App developer and let them fit AppStores' terms and conditions.

MyAppTerms.com doesn't provide any legal advice. We just provide some documents that you, as an App developer, can use at your own risk. We allow you to copy, edit and reuse these documents, but we don't held responsible in case any of our documents is not accurate and doesn't fully protect your app against the law or against any AppStore's terms and conditions. If you use totally or partially any of these documents as your app's policies, you are the sole responsible of any lack of legal protection in your app.