Version 1.0 | Jun 1st, 2020

1. Introduction: 100% safe app

This app is 100% safe for you and your device. This App DOESN NOT collect nor store any type of information from its users or their devices. Therefore, we DO NOT sell to third parties any information related with you or your device. And we DO NOT use any information for the purpose of sending emails for spamming you.

2. The App doesn't access your Email address

This App DOESN'T obtain your email address without your consent.
It is NOT required to create an account in order to use this app. There might be some funcionalities that might require you to create an account using an email address and a password, but that's always optional and with your consent. For example, in case you want to store information in our server, so that you can use the same content from other devices. In case you might create an account, we won't use your email address for malicious purposes. We would only use it for granting you access to your account and in case we need to communicate with you. We will NEVER share your email address with third parties.

3. Analytics tools

This App uses Firebase Analytics (by Google) in order to understand how people use it. The statistical information is always anonymous. That information is useful for us to improve the app, since it let us know how many people use the app and which parts of the app are their favorite.

4. Do we share information related to you using this App with someone?


The use you make with this app, the elements you store, the type of files you handle, etc., are considered private and we don't share them with any third parties.

You are free to share that info with whoever you want.

5. How can you make an inquiry or send us comments about our privacy policy?

If you have any sort of inquiry or wish to contact us in order to clarify any matter, please send us an e-mail at the developer’s address, which you will find at the website where you downloaded this app.

6. How will you know if we modify our Privacy Policies?

This application reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, even though such a revision is not commonplace. Any policy change will usually be accompanied by an update in the application’s version. At the beginning of these policies you can find the version number and the date when they have been revised. In case we carry out a material change in the way we collect, use or share personal information, we shall add such changes to a new version of these policies.